Here is a glimpse of Macross Zero which will probably never see a commercial release in America.

Or will it? Now that the original Macross series has been released it just might see the light of day in America!

Screen Shots

 F-14  SV-51 Nora Type  SV-51 Nora Type  SV-51 Nora Type  Shin Kudo
Sara Nome  Roy Focker & Aries Turner VF-0S Valkyrie VF-0S Valkyrie Macross Island
SV-0S & SV-51 VF-0S Valkyrie Focker in VF-0S VF-0D Valkyrie VF-0S Valkyrie


I wasn't to much into the whole Robotech thing back in the day, but Macross Plus came out and it was good. Macross Plus from what I understand was to introduce a new Macross series Macross 7. Personally I think Macross 7 has nothing to do with Macross Plus with exception to the veritechs. Well, even those changed, unless you consider having giant speakers mounted on their shoulders and using music to fight rather than weapons not a change. Anyways, a new Macross is now being released - Macross Zero. It takes place before the first series produced back in, I think, 1983. Unfortunately you probably will never see it in America, unless you watch fan subs, buy import DVDs, or buy a bootleg copy. The reason for this is that the suck ass company known as Harmony Gold claims to own the exclusive rights to release Macross outside of Japan. Supposedly they sued Manga for releasing Macross Plus here in the U.S. - So why doesn't Harmony gold release Macross in the U.S.? Probably because it doesn't go along with their Robotech timeline seeing as how they merged 3 different shows  together to come up with the U.S. Robotech series. (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Century Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada)

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